What Is Affiliate Marketing?


Have you ever gone to a movie that you absolutely loved, spent all kinds of money on the ticket and the overpriced snacks, and then gotten paid because you told your friend how great the movie was and they went and saw it? My guess is the answer to that question is no. Hollywood and the movie theaters are not going to pay you a commission for referring your friends to a movie.

Well, did you know that there is a way for you to actually make money when you do refer your friends to a product or service?! I am talking about something called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a way for a person to partner with a company to promote that company’s products and services. There are so many companies that have affiliate programs but there are a few things you will want to look for in order to be successful with affiliate marketing. There are five things you want to look for when picking an affiliate program to partner with.

The Five things to look for when choosing an affiliate program:

  1. Product value
  2. Margins
  3. Tracking
  4. Marketing material
  5. Integrity

Let’s take a look at what those five things mean when looking at an affiliate program.

When I talk about product value, I am asking, does the product or services provide value? Are people going to gain value from purchasing those products or will people be asking for refunds? We want a high value product so that we know people are going to want to buy again.

What do I mean by margins? This means you want to look for products and services with high margins on each sale. Are you going to be able to make a profit from one or two sales or do you have to sell hundreds to see any profit from your efforts?

Third, does the affiliate program have a good link tracking system? This means when a person buys something through your affiliate link, how long is that person assigned to you? Will you make a commission every time that person makes a purchase, or just one time?

Do you just get a commission on the front end of the sale or do you get a commission if the person buys higher ticket offers down the road? You want to find a company that will pay you for the lifetime or long term purchases of that customer. If the customer is paying a monthly subscription to that company, will you get a commission on each month they pay?

Fourth, does the company have good marketing material and sales funnels? Do they have high converting sales videos that will help you earn commissions? Do they have a team that will call their customers to close sales for you?

These are things you want to look for when picking an affiliate program to partner with. If they have good marketing materials, then their conversion rates into sales mean more money for you.

The fifth thing you want to look for when looking at joining affiliate programs is, does the company have integrity? Can their customers and affiliates trust them? Do they pay their affiliates on time? Integrity is one of the most important qualities to have. A company without integrity will not be a good fit and will not make it in the long run.

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Tamara Mascarenas

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