Rapid Profit Machine by James Neville-Taylor

The internet is a big place, and it can be hard to navigate. That's why many people have turned to affiliate marketing as their business model of choice.

It sounds like a good plan- get paid for promoting other company's products! But there are some major drawbacks that you need to know about before jumping in too quickly.

There are thousands of different affiliate programs out there, and most affiliates never make more than $100 per month at this. The problem? Most people don't know how to market online effectively.

To make matters worse, the system they use doesn't work very well either! In order to combat these problems, I want to tell you all about a new do-for-you affiliate marketing system called Rapid Profit Machine.


Rapid Profit Machine or RPM for short The Rapid Profit Machine gives you DOZENS of Income Streams


This new machine is a true done-for-you system that includes a dfy opt-in page along with 15 dfy follow-up emails included. The done-for-you emails alone are worth taking a look at this profit machine.

This system is built with a brand new auto tag technology which allows you to input a few bits of information in and get a complete system ready to use with all of your links, without having to edit tons of emails.

The setup of this machine takes less than 30 minutes to complete and gives you at least two weeks' worth of dfy emails that will promote your links to your new subscribers.

This rapid profit machine gives you an entire affiliate marketing business from the opt-in page to the thank you page, to the follow-up email sequence without you having to do the work!


The brains behind the Rapid Profit Machine (RPM)


If you have been in the affiliate marketing world at all, you have probably seen the name James Neville-Taylor at the top of many leaderboards. James is the number one affiliate for the software company Builderall and is one of the top affiliates for many other products and platforms including another well-known company Legendary Marketer.

James has been a successful affiliate online for many years and has made millions of dollars in the process. He is not just an expert at getting people to click on ads, he also knows what it takes to make them buy!

James struggled with depression and drug use and almost took his own life back in 2017. He was able to pull himself out of that dark place and put his efforts into helping himself and others succeed.

This is why James Neville-Taylor created RPM - Rapid Profit Machine was designed as a done-for-you system that gives people the help they need to get started quickly and with little effort in affiliate marketing.


The step by step of how the RPM works

Rapid Profit Machine members' area preview


  • The first thing you will want to do is enter a valid email address on the first page. This email address will allow you to go to the next step and you will be receiving the necessary information you need to get started.
  • Once you have entered a valid email address, you will be directed to start your own income driving machine. The machine is built inside of an amazing platform called Builderall that has all the tools you need to be successful with this machine.
  • You will be able to start a 14-day free trial of Builderall in the next step of the system. You will want to use the same valid email address you used in the first step to set up your free trial of Builderall.
  • After you have activated your free 14-day free trial of Builderall, you will be able to automatically import your own Rapid Profit Machine with one click of the mouse. It is a lot easier than you think to have your own system in place.
  • Once your new system is loaded into your Builderall account, there are a few last small steps of entering your information into the system to make sure that you get credit for any sales made in your machine.
  • You will only need to enter this information at one time and the auto tag technology built into Builderall does all the heavy work of changing out your links so that you get credit for any sales. It will automatically update all the follow-up emails with your links.
  • Your only "job" now once you have your machine set up is to drive traffic to your machine. What do I mean by drive traffic? This means that you want to get people to see your front page. You want people to give you their email addresses to get access to the machine.

What to do once your Rapid Profit Machine is set up

Traffic to drive to Rapid Profit Machine

There are a number of different ways to drive traffic. There are both free and paid ways to do this. You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can use YouTube and TikTok to create videos about your new machine.

One of the really cool things about the Rapid Profit Machine is there is a ton of free training inside the members' area that teaches you how to use these different methods to send traffic to your machine. James has thought of everything to help you be successful.

If you have some money, you can also buy traffic to send to your RPM. One of the easiest and fastest methods is by buying solo ads. This method is also taught inside the members' area of the RPM. Since this machine has such a good conversion rate, it is easy to break even and make your money back after buying solo ads.

If you are not familiar with solo ads, they are basically just clicks from someone's email list to your offer. James is a solo ad vendor and offers solo ad clicks inside the members' area that you can buy. There is also a platform that I have used several times called Udimi that has a lot of solo ad vendors to pick from.


The best way to benefit from the Rapid Profit Machine

Step by step for RPM

The best way you can profit and benefit from the RPM is to follow the steps one at a time. Get plugged into the free Facebook group to ask any questions you may have. On top of the free members' area that is available to all RPM members' is the free Facebook group.

Every Wednesday, James does free training inside the FB group. These trainings are designed to help you be successful. The community inside the FB group is one of the most helpful communities I have ever been a part of.

The best part about this RPM is the way it does all of the work for you. You only have to send traffic (people) to your machine. James has made it so simple that a kid could be successful with this.  Take a look today at the amazing system and let it work for you.  This is not a guaranteed get rich overnight thing.  You will have to learn and put some effort in, but if you do this, you can be successful.

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