A 30 Day Challenge To Reach My Financial Goal…..


I am declaring today, that I am on a mission. Actually a 30 day challenge to be exact.


A mission/challenge to reach a financial goal, a goal that will allow my husband to leave his job and spend more time with me and our 5 kids.


I signed up for a 30 day challenge that in my opinion is going to give me what I have been missing.


I started my online marketing journey about 7 months ago. Like most people starting out, I felt so many emotions. I was excited to get started, but I was also scared.


I tried to consume as much information that I could, only to feel lost and confused as I went on.


Instead of implementing what I had learned, I was frozen with fear and decided to just learn more!!


I would learn more and again talk myself out of implementing. I kept telling myself that I don’t know enough, or I am not smart enough, or I am plain just not good enough.


Everything that I was learning was making me smarter, but I was not moving anywhere in my online business.


I was seeing so many people in the same space as me succeeding, but I was in the same spot.


I have always been a great learner and a good student. I prided myself in “knowing things.” What exactly am I doing with all of that knowledge? The answer is….. NOTHING.


I have all of this knowledge about so many different things and I am so “smart,” yet, I am doing nothing with the things I have learned.


Well, that is changing today. I am committed to completing this new 30 day challenge that is about implementing, instead of just learning new/more stuff. It is a challenge that is meant to kick me in the butt to take ACTION.


I am actually a couple days behind already in the challenge, since I was out of town but that is not going to stop me. My usual excuse of being a stay-at-home mom of 5 homeschooled kids, and not having the time to implement is also going to stop.


Yes, it is going to be a “challenge” to implement everyday, but I am committing to this challenge.


I found this challenge through an amazing company. I took their 15 Day Business Builder challenge a few months ago and it was absolutely golden!


They are such a genuine company that wants the best for it’s students and partners. I learned so much through that 15 day challenge, but as stated above,


I failed to implement what I learned.


If you are interested in taking a look at the 15 Day Business Builder for yourself and learning about the four main ways to build your own online business, then click here to begin.


I challenge you, to take that leap of faith, and when you do, TAKE ACTION!!


I also encourage you to leave a comment below so we can connect.


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To your success,
Tamara Mascarenas

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