Affiliate Marketing For Beginners


You may have heard the term, affiliate marketing, but what is it and can anyone do it?

The answer to the second question is yes, anyone can do it.

The answer to the first question in short is, partnering with a company to help them sell their products and services and earning a commission from those sales.


An affiliate marketer is basically the middle man or woman. They are the person between the product or service and the buyer.


They find a product or service and post about it on social media, a blog, YouTube, or even run some sort of ad. Their “job” is to get the product or service in front of people.


In a previous article, I talked about five key points to look for when choose a company to partner with. I will list them out again here.


They are: product value, margins, tracking, marketing material, and integrity. If you want a more in depth look at those, you can find my other article here.


I want to go over just a basic overview of what you need to get started in affiliate marketing.


I have a free Facebook that you can join as well that is Affiliate Marketing….. A Beginner’s Guide for more tips and tricks on affiliate marketing.


The 4 Steps to become a successful affiliate marketer:

  1. Find a good quality company to partner with.
  2. Send traffic (people) to a capture page (to collect their email)
  3. Follow-up with potential customers
  4. Repeat and never give up

Let’s go over these four things.


There are thousands of companies with affiliate programs. If you go to any company’s website and scroll all the way to the bottom, there is usually a tab named “affiliate program” or something that says “partner with us.”


To sign up, it is as easy as filling out a simple application. I mentioned before how important it is to partner with high quality companies, so refer back to this article to do that.


Once you have signed up with a company’s affiliate program, you will be given a unique affiliate link to whatever product or service you will be promoting.


Now this is a very important step, you do not want to just start spamming your link all over the internet! This will cause you to fail right off the bat.


The point of affiliate marketing is not to just make money, the point is to solve a problem for someone….. You want to promote your offer (whatever it is) to someone who actually needs it.


The product or service should solve a problem that person has. If someone is looking for a book to read that helps them get out of debt, then you could recommend the book Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.


If they are looking for a book on copywriting, then the book Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards is what you would want to promote. Whatever the case may be, have a heart to serve people.

Now, how do you drive traffic (people) to an offer?

There are several ways to do this, both free and paid. The paid way to do this is to buy ads.


There are several places to buy ads, Facebook, Google, Adwords, or Solo Ads. I don’t want to confuse anyone here, I just want you to know there are several options for buying ads.


The free way to drive traffic to an offer is through social media posts, blogs or articles, emails, or YouTube. Right now, I am writing an article with information, and some of my affiliate links.


Above, I mentioned that you want to send your traffic to a capture page to collect emails. Now why would you need to do that?


When you collect an email address, you are collecting a lead or potential customer.


When you have an email list, you have free traffic that you can promote any offer to in the future. Check out my article on email marketing for more information on the importance of collecting an email address.


How do you create a capture page? There are several different software companies that allow you to create a capture page but my favorite is can be found here.


They have a 14-day free trial and they also have an amazing affiliate program that you can sign up for.


The third thing to becoming a successful affiliate marketer is following up with a potential customer.


If you are driving traffic to a capture page and collecting an email, you can follow up with that person if they did not end up purchasing whatever it was you were promoting.


They may showed an interest in whatever you were promoting by giving you their email address, but for some reason, they did not purchase.


By following up with them and creating a relationship with them, they may be inclined to eventually take you up on the offer.


The final step in becoming a successful affiliate marketer is to repeat this process and never give up. It is possible to make money and be successful as an affiliate marketer but you must not give up.


Sometimes, getting your first sale takes a while and can be frustrating, but if you keep going you will become successful. Affiliate Marketing is a long game, not a get rich quick business.


If you want to learn more about building an affiliate marketing business and building a business online, then I would encourage you to watch this video here and find out how you can sign up for an amazing training.


I hope that you found value in this article and that you will share it with someone else who would find value in it. Feel free to leave a comment below and connect with me.


Start taking action today!

Tamara Mascarenas

****Disclaimer, this article may contain affiliate links and I may earn a commission from things purchased.

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